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We provide the most satisfying hotel painting services in Dublin. We are a team of experts driven out with a passion for painting and have been maintaining 100% client satisfaction.

The Best Hotel Painting Service In Dublin

Hotel spraying is a very hard task. No matter whether you’re looking for a medium-sized hotel or an international chain, the quality of your paint job will make or break your business. Hotels are for luxury and necessity. Any bad experience with the hotel’s environment leads to a steep decline in customer traffic.


That’s why hotel coating jobs are one of the toughest ones. And this is the reason why it makes sense to hire experts who can tackle any size project with ease and professionalism. We are the right team for this task with its expert team of painters in Dublin and several years of quality working experience.

From interior design to colour schemes, we are able to work closely with clients in order to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Our professional painters are trained in all aspects of interior design, so they can work with you to create custom designs for your space or follow yours exactly as planned.

We’ll also take care of any remodelling needs that are part of your project, whether it’s removing furniture or taping off areas before we paint them. Your guests will never know we were there!

Why Choose Painting In Colour

We are highly trained painters in Dublin who are capable of undertaking Hotel painting jobs more seriously. It’s not easy because of the large working surface as well as a tight schedule.

Also, the job requires maximum attention to properly choosing the layout and planning the colour scheme for both interior and exterior. We understand that very well as we have capable consultors for choosing the right paint for your business. So, we don’t come in and do a sloppy job. Instead, we carefully lay the plan, talk with you for ensuring the right blueprint, and then make the call.

We have been serving as a quality service company for several years in the vicinity of Dublin. We have a steady record of performing the best in satisfying all our client’s demands. As part of our service, we take extra measures to ensure your hotel gets the best paints and please the visitors and public spaces.

We are fast, reliable, and experienced in this area with over several years of on-field working record. No matter what, we guarantee that you will get the most beautiful finish with us.

Quality Over Quantity

We believe in quality over quantity. We don’t employ untrained manpower to fasten up the working progress. Instead, we only deploy properly trained experts to ensure the maximum quality of service.

That’s why we don’t even buy regular paints from the market. We only pick the best from Fleetwood and Johnstone’s paints that have the highest texture quality among the locals. Most of these paints are imported from the USA and we take in the expensive paints for our clients.

Not only that, we know what paint may affect people’s senses and some are even allergic to paint. We only use low-VOC paints that have the least amount of fume and harmful gas that irritate the customers. Also, the paints are safe for the environment too. Perfect for decorating your guest room where customers can happily spend their time in a beautiful, peaceful, & serene environment.

Best Tools For Hotel Painting Services In Dublin

We are a dedicated commercial painting company that only works with the best painters equipped with the best tool for the job. We believe that quality job finish requires expert hands and expert tools. That’s why our team comprises the most advanced tools suitable for the jobs.

We use noiseless and dustless equipment that won’t make any disturbance to your palace hotel customers. We work fast and leave no trails behind. Our team is capable of working off-hours when guests are not there or are deep asleep. We also use many types of tools to dry the paints on the floor or walls fast enough to not disturb your guests.


Affordable Prices

When it comes to the prices of the projects, customers are afraid of getting ripped off and thrown by the cost amount. Obviously, the actual cost is not unbearable and we stick to our morals to keep the bare minimum profit margin from each project.

That’s why we offer the most affordable pricing for the Hotel emulsion services in Dublin. We don’t extort money from clients at any cost. All our packages are suitable for your budget and we don’t cheap away on the quality. So, get the best service at the best price.

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We provide all kinds of services needed for the projects in Dublin.

  • Hotel interior painting
  • Hotel exterior coating
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Brickwall water-proofing
  • Concrete ceiling spraying and repairing
  • Exterior insulation repairing and
  • repainting
  • Wall repairs and robust durable coating
  • Parking lot design & spraying
  • Roof and parapet spraying with weather
  • coat
  • Power washing on hard materials
  • Colouring interior for rebranding
  • Rust removing and anti-rust coating
  • Wood repair, burnish, and polishing
  • Vinyl sidings repair
  • Concrete & tile joint sealing with
  • waterproof solutions
  • Commercial stencilling

Except for these mentioned services, we also provide additional works like fencing, wallpapering, pest control, kitchen spraying, and more services as per need.


We take pride in showcasing the beautiful jobs we offered to our clients and succeeding in satisfying them. We are always careful with the minute detailing that makes your hotel look more lavish and refined. Our painters in Dublin all came from aesthetic expertise to perform their peak in order to demonstrate the whole beauty of the paints.

Take a look at these gorgeous finishes and be mesmerized by the jaw-dropping quality of work. Our highly trained painters leave no corner untouched and display the most out of your hotel room with a pure artistic touch. Quality job until the end!

What Should You Prepare

Our Company undertakes projects with full preparations. That means you don’t have to make any arrangements for the required equipment or paints, or anything related to the project.

We will bring all the necessary stuff including paints, brushes, tools trailer, ladder, ropes, sheets, wipes, turpentine, cement mix, concrete mix, burnish, etc. In short, you can leave us the prep work and stay relaxed during the whole project.

Except for the required stuff, you can actually do small tasks to improve the quality of our job more.

For a smooth job, please follow these small tasks-

  • We might bring in the tools trailer which contains all the necessary tools and equipment for the project. Please make way for the trailer as we need to park it closer to the job area.
  • Please leave the gates, doors, windows open inside the project area as necessary for our team to move in and out. Also, provide necessary access to the needed parts of the hotel.
  • Even though we work in stealth and cause no disturbance to the audience, still we advise letting the hotel customers/visitors know about the ongoing project before our arrival.
  • Although we will move all obstacles and furniture when we work on the part of the hotel, please remove anything valuable or delicate from the work area beforehand.

These are all you could prepare to make the working area more suitable for us to finish quickly and completely. We expect no burden on you so that you can relax and take care of your business while we take care of the preps.

Safety Matters

We are known as the most perfect team of experts who masters all necessary safety protocols. When we are on the job, we want to make sure everything falls under strict surveillance and no one gets harmed during the process. That’s why safety is our top priority and we have been preserving it well.

We also have-

  • Well-equipped team with safety gears
  • Masks & filters for the painters
  • Proper compensation for unexpected situations
  • OSHA complaint
  • Highly-trained supervisor to take care of the team
  • Properly stored tools & materials

Our company spares no effort in maintaining the safety of its team and the client. We have a clean record of work and we like to keep it that way. Nobody deserves accidents that may hold someone responsible and we firmly believe that.


While we maintain a strict safety policy to ensure no danger happens to our kin. Still, unwanted situations may occur which could be prevented through precautions.

Hence, we like your assistance in taking care of small precautions-

  • Please properly check the work area to ensure no short-wiring, sharp tiny objects, or gas traps remained.
  • We work with some heavy tools that are not suitable for an untrained man to take in hand. Please keep away curious people from meddling with our tools.
  • Keep away children from the work area to prevent any occurrence.
  • If you see anything odd during the work progress, report it to the supervisor immediately. The faster the better.



Yes, I can provide an estimate of the time it will take to complete your project. It is important that you provide as much information as possible so that I have a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done. Once we have all of the necessary information, I can provide you with a more specific timeline.

Some common problems that come up while painting a hotel can include ceiling leaks, water damage, and peeling paint. Ceiling leaks can be caused by missing or defective sealants and gaskets, as well as corrosion from hot water pipes. Water damage often occurs due to heavy rainfall or humidity coupled with improper installation techniques such as using the wrong type of paint or not sufficient caulking. Peeling paint is often the result of inadequate preparation (such as sanding primers and topcoats), incorrect application techniques (primer too thin/patchy), exposure to high heat levels, or windblown rain.
In order for these problems to be avoided, it is important that the painter has a thorough understanding of construction standards applicable to hotels. They should also have proper tools and equipment at their disposal including masks, gloves, tarps/drop cloths etc., in order to minimize potential risk exposure during project execution. Furthermore, regular inspections are necessary in order for any issues identified early on in the project timeline to be corrected before they cause significant damage.

There are many reasons why hotels might need painting services, but one of the most common is to restore or update the look and feel of a property. This can be done in order to attract more customers, create an impression that matches the brand image, or just improve general aesthetics. Additionally, painting can also help to reduce moisture retention and give walls a fresh new look.

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