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Painting in Colour (“The Company”) wishes to provide every opportunity for every employee to express themselves without fear of jeopardising their position. It is in everybody’s interest to establish a clear procedure for the resolution of any issues that may arise in the workplace.

Full recognition is given to the significance of personal grievances. Disputes will be dealt with without undue delay. You have a right to have a work colleague with you throughout the grievance meetings if appropriate.

Definition of a Grievance

A grievance is any event, condition, rule or practice, which you believe violates your civil rights treat you unfairly or cause you any degree of unpleasantness or unhappiness on the job. A grievance may also deal with an attitude, a statement, or an opinion held by a coworker.

Informal Process

If you have a problem or grievance relating to any aspect of your employment with the
The company you should first discuss it on an informal basis with your Manager. If your grievance is of a kind you feel unable to raise with your Manager, you should raise the matter with a more senior manager who will endeavour to deal with your grievance(s) as soon as is
reasonably practicable.

However, if it cannot be dealt with informally the formal process described below will be followed.

Formal Process

At any stage in the formal process, a Company colleague may accompany you.

Step 1

Raise the grievance with your Manager explaining that you wish to use the formal procedure. Your Manager will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the matter fully with you and listen to your concerns. You may be accompanied by a Company colleague at this meeting if you choose. If your grievance relates to your Manager or is of a kind you feel unable to raise with your Manager, you should discuss the problem with a more senior manager. In many cases, the matter will be resolved at this initial meeting.

Step 2

If the problem is not resolved by discussion under Step 1, you may request a meeting in writing with the next level of management. You may be accompanied by a Company a colleague at this meeting if you choose. The Reviewer will consider the information presented and you will be given an opportunity to discuss the issue. Following the meeting, a written record will be sent to those present for agreement. The Reviewer will come to a decision or make a recommendation, possibly after consulting with appropriate members of management which will be communicated to you.

Step 3 – Final Step

If you are not satisfied with the decision or recommendations made at Step 2 then you may proceed to Step 3 by notifying in writing the next level of management who has not previously been involved in the process within 3 working days of receiving the decision or recommendation from Step 2.

Your request should set out details of the problem and provide any other relevant information, including the reason(s) you are dissatisfied with the previous outcome. The Reviewer will consider all the available information, as in Step 2, and meet with you to discuss the issue. You may be accompanied by a Company colleague at this meeting if you choose. The Reviewer will subsequently communicate his/her decision or recommendation.

Following the meeting, a written record will be sent to those present for agreement.

The decision of this Reviewer is final and will be communicated without delay.

I confirm that I have been given a copy of the Company’s Grievance, Disciplinary and Bullying and Harassment Procedures and Codes of Conduct and I hereby undertake to familiarise myself with and adhere to the codes and procedures to be taken following any breach of the code.

Signed: ___________________________

Dated: ___________________________



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