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To give a special and unique touch to your house, it is important to select the quality colour, finish, and paint to guarantee a brilliant final result. Hiring a service with expert personnel in the area will make you satisfied and get an optimal job. We offer house painting prices according to the guaranteed quality, contact us, and discover all the services we offer.

Many companies offer very cheap services to attract a large number of clients and gain fame quickly. However, a very low price casts doubt on the quality of the house paint and other products used; Also, the labour force is possibly not the best qualified.

For this reason, it´s preferable to pay for a professional and specialized service that meets the requirements and guarantees the expected result. Previous work, recommendations, and testimonials from clients who have already hired our services can testify to the quality of our projects.

Variety of services offered

Our services include the application of paint for both interiors and exteriors, we listen to the requirements of our clients and offer various proposals so that they can choose the one that best suits their needs. Our prices are adapted to the current reality while guaranteeing a professional service with the highest standards.


Thanks to the fact that we have the tools, materials, and trained personnel to do so, we can easily carry out all the tasks necessary to be carried out beforehand to prepare the work area to be painted. These additional activities will be included in the budget and are part of the complete project to be carried out.
We take care of every detail when executing our interior paint and exterior paint tasks; we always pay attention to the preferences of each client since they are the ones who will finally enjoy the place. However, we make the necessary recommendations in the cases that apply and we follow the best practices to always guarantee an excellent job.


We live up to our brand name due to the phenomenal quality of services its been providing for several years. We adore our customers, dropping prices to match the client’s budget, & making things simple so that the clients’ can feel comfortable. We work around the clock while taking the job seriously. We don’t slack. Our team is made of highly-trained painters in Dublin who know the ins & outs of the paint job.

We feel proud to display our work records to our enthusiasts through this beautiful gallery. We are known for aesthetics, and we have been preserving our service quality without any errors. Take a glance at the pieces of art that came from the hands of our professional painters in Dublin.

Why trust us?

Some numerous clients and testimonials speak for themselves and generate confidence in our future clients. Additionally, several features support our company:

  • Punctuality is our motto when we provide the delivery of work while ensuring 100% reliable service.
  • Numerous years of working experience in a competitive market.
  • Guaranteed safety and health during the execution of each task for all its employees and others involved.
  • Attention in time of the previous evaluation to generate a budget. We do not leave our clients waiting, we give a quick response so that they can handle all the options/budgets possible.
  • Budgets are made without any commitment, the evaluation of each particular case is carried out, and based on that, the possible options are prepared free of charge so that the client can choose the one that best suits their needs and pocket.
  • We have a skilled and experienced workforce to perform any painting service required by customers. Also, we have large numbers of workers to respond on time and safely.
  • We not only work in housing, but we also provide commercial services to any area; such as hotels, restaurants, or any other company.
  • Fair prices adapted to reality and the particular needs of each case.

Guaranteed service

Check our gallery and know all the projects we have carried out, you will surely be delighted with our work as well as our clients. We want to provide you with the confidence and security you need so that you leave in our hands that project that worries you so much and that you want to complete successfully. Fortunately, we have the qualified personnel to make it happen.


If you do not want to risk and hire a professional company that guarantees a painting service according to current trends, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to listening to your request and helping you get what you are looking for. Also, we offer house painting prices that other competitors will not be able to exceed, always ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

Best Prices With Best Materials

House painting projects may cost a lot considering the surface area, loose paint cleaning, power washing, pressure washing, fix & repairs, & other miscellaneous. The cost spikes given the materials used for the tinting are expensive and rare. The whole thing can easily exceed your budget and the reason for your depression. You are depressed and the home desperately needs a fresh coat.


That’s where we enter the show. We have the most suitable cost range for house painting prices in Dublin. Our team offers quality services with an affordable budget. Meanwhile, we don’t use cheap materials as budget fillers. Quality service is our motto and we do everything to preserve it.

We get materials from Fleetwood & Johnstone’s paints. They are the best in locals and possess a wide range of colours to meet your taste. They also import raw materials from the USA. The paints cost a bit more than the others. But we can’t choose anything less than the best for our clients.

Also, we believe that quality materials in expert hands can result in a quality finish. Our painters in Dublin have many years of experience in handling all kinds of tools. Still, we only choose the best equipment for our team to excel in their working progress & quality. Smooth job until the end.

Safety Is Assured!

We are very strict in maintaining safety during all the painting projects. Our service includes safety protocols that are not budgeted out of the house painting prices. Safety is our priority concern and we don’t charge for any accidental causes. Rather, we pay fully to compensate for the harm to our team without any negotiations.

We also maintain-

  • Well-equipped team with safety gears
  • Masks & filters for the painters
  • Proper compensation for unexpected situations
  • OSHA complaint
  • Highly-trained supervisor to take care of
  • the team
  • Properly stored tools & materials

We take pride in having zero accidents throughout our working history of several years around the vicinity of Dublin. We care for the team & the client and pray for their safety. Safety is our number 1 priority.


We have been the most successful painting company in Dublin. We carry a solid work record while leaving all our customers happy. We take maximum care of every project so that nothing could go wrong under our surveillance. Still, unexpected situations come without notifying. That’s why we tell all our clients to take some measures to prevent odd events from occurring during the job.

This is not a part of our service and you don’t have to spend anything regarding it. Taking these precautions will only boost the working progress and eventually lower your total cost for the project. You can exercise these precautions out of self-will-

  • Please don’t stray near the surfaces after the paint is applied.
  • Don’t inhale paints, please ask for safety masks before entering the spray room.
  • Don’t let your children near the tools to prevent any unwanted accidents.
  • If you see something odd during the work, please inform our supervisor immediately.

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