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Paint Your Floors With Painting In Colour Team

If you have a concrete floor and don’t want to cover it up with carpet or wooden floors, but still want something that looks good, then painting the floor is one of your options.

We at Painting In Colour offer high-quality painting services for concrete floors at affordable prices. Our team has years of experience in this field so we know how to get desired results while keeping costs low. We use only top-quality products including paints from Fleetwood and Johnstone’s paints that will last long without peeling off or fading away. 

All our staff are well-trained professionals who will make sure everything is done according to your requirements and within the time frame specified by you. You can trust us because we value customer satisfaction above anything else!

How Concrete Floor Painting Benefits

Not having a painted floor in your garage or basement can make it hard to keep clean. It’s also harder for you to find things like car oil spills because of the dark color of concrete floors.

Concrete floors are a popular choice for home and business owners because they are economical, easy to clean, and durable. However, the problem is that concrete can be cold on the feet when it’s not covered with carpeting or some other type of covering.

Painting In Colour’s concrete floor painting service will help you solve this problem by transforming your bare concrete floor into something warm, cozy, and comfortable. The paint we use is tough enough to handle heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear easily. It also doesn’t scratch as easily as regular paint when furniture is moved around or cleaning products such as bleach or chemicals are used regularly in your area.

Quality Finish Means Everlasting Smoothness

In order to achieve a perfect finish on your concrete floors, you must choose the best type of paint and apply it using professional equipment. Otherwise, you may end up with an unsatisfactory result that will require further maintenance works afterward. But there’s an easy solution to this problem.

We are specialists in concrete floor painting, which provides durable results with long-lasting protection against moisture and other chemical agents such as acid rain and rusting due to humidity. All work will be done with high-quality products that meet international standards so you can count on us to provide excellent service at affordable prices!

Currently, the variety of paints available on the market for concrete floors offer a range of characteristics that highlight the final result; for example:

  • Guarantee high resistance.
  • Provide antibacterial coatings.
  • Ensure heavy and safe traffic.
  • Protect the surface with antifungal coatings.

And the most important thing is that all these characteristics apply to any floor; that is, they can be for commercial, residential, and even industrial use.

How to prepare the surface to apply concrete floor painting?

If you want a final impact finish, it´s important to respect and comply with certain steps that must be carried out before applying the paint:

  • Carefully remove all the dust and grease residues that are adhering to it from the surface, this can be done by simply washing the floor brushing consistently with soap and water. You can also use a power washer, with this tool the work will be much faster and more efficient.
  • If the surface has a lot of dirt or extremely strong grease, the use of a degreaser can be a great help.
  • If the surface has had glued-bonded vinyl floors or carpets laid, it´s important to remove all traces of glue from the place.
  • Existing holes or cracks in the surface to be worked must be covered or previously covered with concrete to have a surface that is as even as possible. It´s important to allow the concrete to dry properly before starting to paint.
  • In the case of applied concrete or areas that are slightly rough, it should be sanded carefully to obtain a finish that is as smooth as possible.
  • Clean the surface once more using a vacuum cleaner or a damp towel to remove any residual dust.

In the case of floors that are indoors, the ideal is to place a sealant as the last layer to give the surface greater shine. Also, the sealant provides additional protection to the final finish.

What types of paint are there for concrete floor painting?

Concrete floors should not be painted with any paint, it´s important to select the one that best suits according to the different types that exist:

  • Acrylic: its base is made up of different acrylic resins to provide resistance to the final finish and to make it ideal in those cases where continuous and heavy traffic is required. Due to its toughness, it´s often ideal for warehouse and garage floors.
  • Synthetic: its formula is composed of various chemical materials that ensure very good durability. It has the peculiarity that it can be decomposed with a synthetic solvent. Thanks to the durability it provides, it´s often widely used in places where there are large numbers of people or objects; such as warehouses, company yards, among others.
  • Bicomponent resins: in addition to acrylic and synthetic paints, there are paints based on bicomponent resins which require a hardening element for their correct application, these types of paints are classified into the following subtypes:
  • Polyurethane: it can generate a fast drying effect when in contact with a humid space. Besides, it offers a very resistant finish. Thanks to its consistency and final finish, it´s perfect for areas with certain irregularities on their surface.
  • Epoxy: it´s a type of paint that is widely used to protect the surface from wear thanks to the properties that characterize it. Thanks to the epoxy resin with which it´s made, it provides very good chemical resistance to certain corrosive components such as water and some acids. Also, its glossy finish makes it attractive to apply in those cases where you want to protect and decorate at the same time.

What paint to use according to the type of concrete floor?

Not only it´s necessary to know the types of existing paints for the concrete floor and thus be able to select the most suitable for our project, but it´s also important to recognize the concrete material to determine which is the type of paint according to it.

The most common materials for concrete floors are:

  • Exterior laminate floors: for this type of floor the most recommended paint is synthetic since it´s the one that offers the greatest resistance since; outdoor floors generally have high traffic.
  • Cement, brick, or concrete: they are suitable for both acrylic, synthetic, and resin paints from two components. It´s important to consider that for the floors of these materials that are new, a minimum time of approximately 3 months must be waited before applying the paint.
  • Non-porous floors: bicomponent resins are the best for the type of floors that don´t have any porosity.
  • Porous surfaces: any type of paint applied to them; be it resin, acrylic, or based on bicomponent resins, will be well tolerated by this type of flooring since surfaces made of materials such as stone or any other that is porous will have a very good bond between both thanks to the permeability of each material.
  • Interior flooring made from laminate and wood: acrylic paint and resin paints with bicomponent are the most suitable for these materials. Also, it´s important to properly clean the surface to finally apply a primer.

The primer is a previous product that is applied to the surface before painting it, it consists of coating the area to prepare them for the final painting process. Some cases don´t need this priming process and others do. When in doubt, it´s advisable to always seek professional advice to ensure proper work.

Safety & Precautions

Painting work is not easy. Not just the job but the materials also involve special attention. For example, the paint can be harmful to you and your family members, especially kids. However, we are here to help you with our high-quality painting services in Dublin.

We understand your concerns and are here to help you with our safety protocol. Our goal is to provide the best service possible while maintaining a safe working environment for everyone involved. Safety & Precautions will ensure that we stay on top of the job, make sure it’s done right, and keep you informed throughout the whole project.

We provide all of the necessary safety gear including masks, gloves, earplugs, eye protection, etc., as well as any other tools needed for each job like ladders and scaffolding. Our team members are also fully trained on how to handle unexpected situations that may occur during a project so that your property isn’t harmed unnecessarily. All of this comes at an affordable price because we believe everyone deserves access to quality service without breaking the bank!

Lastly, we appreciate some precautions on the client’s side in order to get a smooth job finishing without any incidents. Please remember-

  • Please don’t stray near the surfaces after the paint is applied.
  • Don’t inhale paints, please ask for safety masks before entering the spray room.
  • Don’t use the floor until it’s completely dry. Floor paints dry quickly and leaves no stickiness after it’s dry. Please have patience for the time being.
  • Don’t let your children and pets near the painting tools to prevent any unwanted accidents.


Let’s do it

It is important to have the basic knowledge to select the right type of paint according to the specific area to be painted, the surface material, and the finish you want to achieve. In the same way, it´s best to always have professional staff in the area, this will make the concrete floor painting the best and the final result will last over time.

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Thank you for the great service. Your Company is the best painters Dublin.
Cynthia Hooper
Cynthia Hooper
13:24 24 Sep 21
Robert and his team did a really professional interior painting job of my house in Dublin. Very pleased with the painting - the end result is faultless. A very reliable team also - always on time.
Fiona sage
Fiona sage
20:48 05 Aug 21
Robert and his team did a professional painting job of my house in Dublin. Very pleased with the outcome and colours advice. Painting in Colours are team of great Painters!
Aaron O'Hara
Aaron O'Hara
12:52 27 Jul 21
I would highly recommend their Painting Service for Interior Painting.Great professionals and enjoying now our gorgeous new looking walls.
Marc Kerhoas
Marc Kerhoas
10:51 30 Jun 21
Robert and his team did a fabulous job in our office. They painted both floor in schedule and without any disruption to our business. The finish look is great. I highly recommend Robert and his crew. They are very professional, responsive and helpful
brigitte frenkel
brigitte frenkel
14:35 22 Jun 21
Robert and his team were extremely professional. Their work is to a 5 Star standard and they take great pride in their work. They also take time to keep everything very clean and tidy. Would recommend them but hopefully in doing so they have time to do more work for me in the future.
Geraldine Brophy
Geraldine Brophy
12:43 11 Jun 21
Robert and his team were professional, friendly and immaculate with every detail of the job. They went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and left our house in perfect condition. We will definitely be recommending to anyone in the future.Kind regardsSara Dauber
Sara Dauber
Sara Dauber
19:40 28 May 21
We had a fantastic experience with Robert and his team. They arrived early every day and were very professional. They take great pride in their work and it is of a very high standard. I have recommended Painting in Colour to family and friends. Would definitely get them again for future work.
Sarah Shannon
Sarah Shannon
11:08 28 May 21
Very professional, flooring and belongings well protected with plastic and sealing tape. Accommodated priorities as needed and quick to complete to a high standard. Really nice guys. If I decide to redecorate in the future I'll be back to Painting in Colour.
Eilis Firth
Eilis Firth
19:45 04 May 21
Robert and his team just finished painting our whole house. So professional ...they covered all the floors in plastic sheeting to protect them and their attention to detail was incredible. Would highly recommend Robert for any painting needs
Hilary Kinsella
Hilary Kinsella
19:57 15 Apr 21
Very clean and tidy painters. Robert will suggest small touches that you may not see (e.g. painting vents) which make for a nicer look to the finished look.
11:49 31 Mar 21
Excellent job- They where easy to deal with, took time and care covering our soft furnishing and left the place clean and tidy. Would highly recommend.
Aaron Stirling
Aaron Stirling
14:15 05 Jan 21
Robert and his team did a fantastic job on the house. His team were on time each day and a pleasure to deal with. We handed over the house to them and when the job was done the place was left very clean.
Ronan Lambe
Ronan Lambe
13:43 12 Dec 20
Robert and the lads are brilliant at their Job. Had my hall stairs and landing, sitting room, bed room and all wood work done. Turned up on time, very nice , hard working lads and I am so so so pleased with the finish. Went above and beyond to get the best finish I wanted .
Mick Rudd
Mick Rudd
18:09 26 Nov 20
Robert and his team were amazing. They painted my entire house, very professionaland they did a superb job.I would definitely recommend to anyoneMary ODonnellClontarf
Mary ODonnell
Mary ODonnell
15:48 27 Oct 20
From working closely with the guys in Painting in Colour across numerous projects withd Rob and the guys as their work is of the best quality and they offer a top class service. Highly Recommended !!
Stephen Mooney
Stephen Mooney
11:09 03 Oct 20
Great team, felt completely secure leaving my house to them and a great job done.
Brian Marrinan
Brian Marrinan
21:54 01 Oct 20
Robert and his team are professional painters. They painted my entire 4-bed house, perfect finish and a quality job. Trustworthy, a man of his word, arrived on time, finished on time which was vital for other work that was due to start after the painting finished. I highly recommend Robert and his crew - quality is in the finishing touches - a perfect paint job.(Pat Sage - Terenure).
Patrick Sage
Patrick Sage
13:06 21 Sep 20
Robert and his team painted my hall stairs and landing plus all the woodwork and did a fantastic job great attention to detail .I would Highly recommend them to anyone .Thanks Again lads.👍
John Mcevoy
John Mcevoy
11:59 07 Sep 20
Robert and his team painted my hall stairs and landing plus all the woodwork and did a fantastic job with great attention to detail . I would Highly recommend them👍
John M
John M
11:48 07 Sep 20
Great work carried out without any fuss. The lads painting were always laughing and joking, happy in their work and the end result showed this. Great attention to detail. I would highly recommend them for any job👍👍
Paschal Walsh
Paschal Walsh
11:04 18 Jul 19
Robert and his team did an excellent paint job on my family home. They provided an efficient and professional service i.e. smooth plastering where needed, neat finishing, tidy, organised, punctual and they cleaned up after the work very well. High quality work.
Carraig Rushe
Carraig Rushe
07:49 03 May 17

We Speak With Quality Service

Having trouble with paint stains all over the place? Do the corners look ugly? Wonder why the paint is peeling off? If you fail to choose expert painters, you will face all of these problems. But, here’s the good news. Painting In Colour saves you from seeing the ugly truth left by poor craftsmanship.
Painting In Colour doesn’t employ just anybody on projects. Our painters are highly skilled and can work under heavy pressure. They are certified and qualified to work under mega projects, maintaining safety and quality performance.
We offer the most cost-effective packages and price plan that comes within your budget. We are not a rip-off and we like to value our customers more than we value money.
Painting In Colour undertakes small to large scale projects all over Dublin. We will paint your house, kitchen, apartment, office, school, and everything that you wish for.
We are the best painters in the local area and everybody knows Painting In Colour. We have been preserving our quality service without failing even once in all these years. People love us as we love them.
Painting In Colour chooses to keep clients’ privacy with the maximum level of secrecy. We don’t discuss clients’ personal or affiliation information with any 3rd party. No means no! We keep our mouths closed.
Painting In Colour strictly abides by the laws and regulations to properly maintain safety during all projects. We don’t let any harm come to neither our team nor our clients. None cares about safety more than us.
Our painting service comes with a lot of other services like repairing dentures, broken fences, walls, holes in the floor, caved ceiling, and lots of other stuff. You break it, we fix it, then we paint it to make it awesome.
There’s a rule placed by the founders of Painting In Colour, “Nobody misses the deadline”. We are a disciplined team of experts. We highly value our time as we understand your urgency. We bet you will have your job finished before the deadline anyway.
We use nothing but the best paints from Fleetwood and Johnstone’s paints. They are the best paints in the local area while we are the best painters in Dublin.
You asked for Painting In Colour and we are at your service. With our solid experience of several years, undertaking thousands of projects, we guarantee a 100% quality finish. No stain, no mess, nothing odd when we complete. Only smooth finishes are guaranteed.

Why Choose Painting in Colour?

When you want to paint or decorate any space or environment, whether inside or outside your home or any other furniture, you want an impeccable, quality job with a professional finish. Hiring our painting in color services will allow you to enjoy creative, competent and 100% reliable painting.

There are multiple characteristics and qualities that distinguish us from the rest of the competition companies that offer the same painting services, these are:

There are many satisfied clients who have hired our services and have had the most pleasant experience of their lives when they saw the results. Hiring a professional service and being completely satisfied at the end of the job is often difficult to achieve. Fortunately, by hiring our services, you will be able to enjoy quality work and without a doubt you will be completely satisfied.

Our work team strives continuously and works in an organized manner in order to meet the conditions set by its clients in the previously contracted time.

There have been many projects in the area of ​​painting that we have executed with the help of specialized and certified professionals. That is why every day the preference for our services has increased, thanks to the delivery capacity of our work team and the wonderful results that we have been able to generate in the projects carried out.

Within the painting area and the services closely linked to it, we are the pioneers in the market thanks to the years of experience we have executing quality projects and under the guidance of a team of specialized professionals.

We provide painting services in Dublin. However, we are open to listening to your proposals and being able to establish an agreement that benefits both parties. Our purpose is to meet the requirements and demands of our clients as long as it´s within the reach of our team of professionals.

You can find numerous companies that offer painting services with prices of all kinds, from low prices to high prices. One of the most important things to consider is the quality of the service with respect to the cost of it. In general, a very cheap price maybe can represent a risk since the company most likely does not use quality materials or qualified personnel.

At painting in colour we analyze the budgets of the best of our competition in order to provide affordable fees but always guaranteeing quality materials and specialized labor. Feel free to request a quote with us and we will gladly offer you the best alternative.

When it comes to selecting the painting for your house, it´s necessary to pay attention to important details that allow you to select the right colors and combinations. Imagine adding to all the walls of your house a color that is not to your liking or that does not combine as you thought and it results in chaos? A total disappointment.

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