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How to use the right colour for your house?

When it comes to selecting the right tone for your house, it’s necessary to pay attention to important details that allow you to select the right paints and combinations. Imagine adding to all the walls of your house a shade that is not to your liking or that does not combine as you thought and it results in chaos? A total disappointment.

That is why the ideal is to seek support to select the appropriate paints for the interior painting and exterior painting. Rest assured that if you choose the correct shades, the result will not only be to your liking but possibly a topic of interest to your visitors.

Why make a paint colour consultation for your home?

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior paint to renovate your home in, it’s important to talk to the colour consultants to select the right tones so taking the time to do this will allow you to choose the perfect colour swatch for yourself wisely.

colour consultation dublin

Applying paint and decorating may be some of the most difficult tasks to do when it comes to building or remodelling a home, but it doesn’t have to be a stress for those who have to do it, either. On the contrary, due to the importance it represents, it deserves the necessary attention so that the selection and paint application tasks are completed successfully.

Choosing a colour scheme for your home is one of the most important decisions you will make. It’s an emotional decision and it can also be a very expensive one if you choose the wrong shade which means that getting professional help to ensure that this doesn’t happen is essential.

An appropriate selection of colour palette can directly affect the mood of a person since normally this can remain for a long time in a specific environment or a room. Imagine decorating and painting your bedroom with dejected tones, chances are that every time you enter you will become infected with the environment and end up feeling depressed. Hence, it proves the importance of paying attention to the selection of a suitable colour.

It’s impossible to tell if you’ve chosen the right shade by looking at emulsion cans in-store or on your computer screen, but there are other options available. You could hire an interior designer to help you with this task, but that can be expensive, so why not try our free consultation service? We’ll take all the guesswork out of your shoulders to make the perfect colour selection for your home! 

Our recommended colours have their pros and cons, it’s convenient to study and analyze them previously to more or less get an idea of ​​what we can achieve with each of them and with their combination.

The colour chart for creams, yellow, white, and the combination between them with bright tones contribute in a profound way to achieving joy and happiness in an environment. Additionally, they provide light and can be suitable for places where there is sunlight so that it bounces off the walls and generates a pleasant light effect.

colour consultation dublin
For serene people and those who love security and calm, the shades in blue usually meet this requirement. However, it’s convenient to consider that too much blue in the same environment can transmit feelings of sadness, causing people to feel depressed. That is why it’s recommended to combine blue with another more cheerful or neutral shade to achieve a balance.

Why hire our painting for your house services?

Our company has spent years doing painting work for homes, shops and many furniture in Dublin, from interior painting to exterior painting. We can help people decide what they want to convey based on their feelings, needs, and other selection criteria. We sit down with our clients and present them with all possible solutions to discuss them together to reach the most appropriate selection.

Hiring an experienced painting company like us will ensure you get the best possible service at affordable prices. Our team of expert painters has years of experience helping customers choose the perfect paints for their homes. We offer free colour consultation services to our customers so they can determine which colours are going to look good on their walls before we start any work.

This means that you won’t need to worry about making costly mistakes with your new paint job because we’ll do all of the hard work for you!


We are here for you with our exclusive colour consulting service! We will provide an honest assessment of what works best for your space while getting some great ideas from our experts as well! We know how important this project is to you so we take pride in our work every time we step foot into one of our client’s homes or businesses. The end result speaks for itself – check out some examples below! If these walls could talk they would tell everyone about their amazing transformation thanks to us!

There are a wide variety of paints and possible combinations; for this reason, it´s often difficult for a client to choose the best option. It´s there that our painters and expert professional team provide you with the support you need and advise you so that you can decide for yourself what is the best paint for your home.

Some of the characteristics that stand out and why our clients recommend us are:

  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Preparation before carrying out the work and final thorough cleaning once the tasks are completed.
  • Proven reputation in the market.
  • Free quotes, fast delivery, and without the need to establish a prior commitment with our clients.
  • Punctuality when completing a project.
  • Unique reliability that sets us apart from the competition.
  • We care about the safety and health of the people involved in the project.
  • Work with guaranteed quality.

How to select the best colour for your home?

Choosing the right shade calls forth professional designers who have years of experience in selecting the best colours for your home. You’ll learn everything from how paint affects moods and emotions, what shades go well or collide horribly, as well as what kinds of paint finishes will make your rooms stand out or fade in the dark.

Without a doubt there are a variety of options, know the following solutions that may be of interest to you and will help you decide:

Cold colours

Soft blue and green tones are usually some of the favourites for the rooms as they provide a relaxing and fresh environment that is some of the characteristics we look for when we need to rest. Our team has created cold hue palettes using the best hues and shades that will work perfectly in any environment as well as on their own or combined together to create something even more special.

Touch of colour in the bathrooms

Bathrooms also deserve a suitable shade, you can match the shower curtain, sliding shower doors, and sanitary pieces with the shade of the walls to create an ideal environment. 

You can make your bathroom feel like a spa by choosing a colour scheme that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Just like you would choose paint colours for other rooms in your home, there are specific shades of white that work well with bathrooms because they help fight odours and add brightness to the space without making it look too sterile or clinical.

Colours for your baby’s room

The colours that the babies’ rooms have served a special purpose, believe it or not, contribute to the development of the baby and its early stimulation of it. For this reason, it’s important to select a suitable colour for them. It´s recommended to use white, beige, and pastel tones as they generate a relaxing effect. Also, in such an environment the little ones will be able to find the peace they need to rest comfortably.

Your office

If you have a special place to work in your house, it´s important to set it with energetic colours that favour activity in that area. The tinted yellow has the particularity of activating the brain so that you can better concentrate on your work, it also stimulates communication. So consider this shade and its variants to create the perfect environment while you work.

Pinks and oranges

Earth tones are one of the most popular combinations in interior design today and for good reason. Earth tones create a soothing atmosphere that is warm and inviting. They work well with any style from contemporary to traditional, making them an excellent option for decorating homes or offices alike. The best part is that earth-tone colours can be used both indoors and outdoors!

Vivid green

Vivid green is an amazing tone that will help you create your desired atmosphere at home. It can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms as it combines with all kinds of other colours. You can even use it on furniture like armchairs or sofas if you want them to stand out from the rest of your decor!
This hue has been around since ancient times but never lost its popularity thanks to its freshness and brightness. There are many shades of bright green such as lime green, turquoise blue, emerald green, etc., which makes this tone suitable for any kind of room design and style. Green brings nature into our homes without taking too much space; therefore it

We help you with the colour

If you need help selecting the right tone for the painting for your house, we have the solution for you. We listen to your needs, your expectations and discover together with you the best option. The quality that characterizes our services is proof of the dedication that our team carries out in every detail and every stage of our projects.

With us choosing a new painting project has never been so simple! Our experts will analyze all details about your home or business space including its dimensions, lighting conditions, number of windows and doors, etc… This way there’s no room for any error when picking up a new paint job for your home or office space.



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