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How to use right color for your house?

When it comes to selecting the painting for your house, it´s necessary to pay attention to important details that allow you to select the right colors and combinations. Imagine adding to all the walls of your house a color that is not to your liking or that does not combine as you thought and it results in chaos? A total disappointment.

That is why the ideal is to seek support to select the appropriate colors for the interior painting and exterior painting. Rest assured that if you choose the correct colors, the result will not only be to your liking but possibly a topic of interest to your visitors.

Why make a paint color consultation for your home?

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior paint to renovate your home in, it’s important to do a color consultation to select the right colors so taking the time to do this will allow you to choose the perfect color for yourself wisely.

Applying paint and decorating maybe some of the most difficult tasks to do when it comes to building or remodeling a home, but it doesn’t have to be a stress for those who have to do it, either. On the contrary, due to the importance it represents, it deserves the necessary attention so that the selection and paint application tasks are completed successfully.

An appropriate selection of colors can directly affect the mood of a person since normally this can remain a long time in a specific environment or a room. Imagine decorating and painting your bedroom with sad colors, chances are that every time you enter you will become infected with the environment and end up feeling sad. Hence the importance of paying attention to the selection of the correct colors.

Each color has its pros and cons, it´s convenient to study and analyze them previously to more or less get an idea of ​​what we can achieve with each of them and with their combination.

free colour consultation

The colors creams, yellow, white, and the combination between them with bright tones contribute in a profound way to achieve joy and happiness in an environment. Additionally, they provide light and can be suitable for places where there is sunlight so that it bounces off the walls and generates a pleasant light effect.

For serene people and those who love security and calm, the shades in blue usually meet this requirement. However, it´s convenient to consider that too much blue in the same environment can transmit feelings of sadness, causing people to feel depressed. That is why it´s recommended to combine blue with another more cheerful or neutral color to achieve a balance.

Why hire our painting for your house services?

Our company has spent years doing painting work for homes, shops and many furniture in Dublin, from interior painting to exterior painting. We can help people decide what they want to convey based on their feelings, needs, and other selection criteria. We sit down with our clients and present them with all possible solutions to discuss them together to reach the most appropriate selection.


There are a wide variety of paint colors and possible combinations; for this reason, it´s often difficult for a client to choose the best option. It´s there that our painters and expert professional team provide you with the support you need and advise you so that you can decide for yourself what is the best paint for your home.

Some of the characteristics that stand out and why our clients recommend us are:

  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Preparation before carrying out the work and final thorough cleaning once the tasks are completed.
  • Proven reputation in the market.
  • Free quotes, fast delivery, and without the need to establish a prior commitment with our clients.
  • Punctuality when completing a project.
  • Unique reliability that sets us apart from the competition.
  • We care about the safety and health of the people involved in the project.
  • Work with guaranteed quality.

How to select the best color for your home?

Without a doubt there are a variety of options, know the following solutions that may be of interest to you and will help you decide:

Cold colors

Soft blue and green tones are usually some of the favorites for the rooms as they provide a relaxing and fresh environment that are some of the characteristics we look for when we need to rest.

Touch of color in the bathrooms

Bathrooms also deserve a suitable color, you can match the shower curtain, sliding shower doors, and sanitary pieces with the color of the walls to create an ideal environment.

Colors for your baby’s room

The colors that the babies’ rooms have serve a special purpose, believe it or not, they contribute to the development of the baby and the early stimulation of it. For this reason, it´s important to select a suitable color for them. It´s recommended to use white, beige, and pastel tones as they generate a relaxing effect. Also, in such an environment the little ones will be able to find the peace they need to rest comfortably.

Your office

If you have a special place to work in your house, it´s important to set it with energetic colors that favor activity in that area. The color yellow has the particularity of activating the brain so that you can better concentrate on your work, it also stimulates communication. So consider this color and its variants to create the perfect environment while you work.

Pinks and oranges

Earth tones are a good option for lovers of reddish tones. The combinations between pink and orange simulate the clay color perfectly and fit very well in any space both indoors and outdoors.


Vivid green

It´s one of the favorite colors for being vibrant, colorful, and striking. It´s synonymous with joy and nature so this tone stands out a lot in the homes of Dublin and the rest of the world. It will always be a good option to try the color green, you will fill your home with enthusiasm and happiness.

We help you with the color

If you need help selecting the right color of the painting for your house, we have the solution for you. We listen to your needs, your expectations and discover together with you the best option. The quality that characterizes our services is proof of the dedication that our team carries out in every detail and every stage of our projects.

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Our Happy Customers

Robert and his team did a professional painting job of my house in Dublin. Very pleased with the outcome and colours advice. Painting in Colours are team of great Painters!
Aaron O'Hara
Aaron O'Hara
12:52 27 Jul 21
I would highly recommend their Painting Service for Interior Painting.Great professionals and enjoying now our gorgeous new looking walls.
Marc Kerhoas
Marc Kerhoas
10:51 30 Jun 21
Robert and his team did a fabulous job in our office. They painted both floor in schedule and without any disruption to our business. The finish look is great. I highly recommend Robert and his crew. They are very professional, responsive and helpful
brigitte frenkel
brigitte frenkel
14:35 22 Jun 21
Robert and his team were professional, friendly and immaculate with every detail of the job. They went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and left our house in perfect condition. We will definitely be recommending to anyone in the future.Kind regardsSara Dauber
Sara Dauber
Sara Dauber
19:40 28 May 21
We had a fantastic experience with Robert and his team. They arrived early every day and were very professional. They take great pride in their work and it is of a very high standard. I have recommended Painting in Colour to family and friends. Would definitely get them again for future work.
Sarah Shannon
Sarah Shannon
11:08 28 May 21
Very professional, flooring and belongings well protected with plastic and sealing tape. Accommodated priorities as needed and quick to complete to a high standard. Really nice guys. If I decide to redecorate in the future I'll be back to Painting in Colour.
Eilis Firth
Eilis Firth
19:45 04 May 21
Robert and his team just finished painting our whole house. So professional ...they covered all the floors in plastic sheeting to protect them and their attention to detail was incredible. Would highly recommend Robert for any painting needs
Hilary Kinsella
Hilary Kinsella
19:57 15 Apr 21
Very clean and tidy painters. Robert will suggest small touches that you may not see (e.g. painting vents) which make for a nicer look to the finished look.
11:49 31 Mar 21
Excellent job- They where easy to deal with, took time and care covering our soft furnishing and left the place clean and tidy. Would highly recommend.
Aaron Stirling
Aaron Stirling
14:15 05 Jan 21
Robert and his team did a fantastic job on the house. His team were on time each day and a pleasure to deal with. We handed over the house to them and when the job was done the place was left very clean.
Ronan Lambe
Ronan Lambe
13:43 12 Dec 20
Robert and the lads are brilliant at their Job. Had my hall stairs and landing, sitting room, bed room and all wood work done. Turned up on time, very nice , hard working lads and I am so so so pleased with the finish. Went above and beyond to get the best finish I wanted .
Mick Rudd
Mick Rudd
18:09 26 Nov 20
Robert and his team were amazing. They painted my entire house, very professionaland they did a superb job.I would definitely recommend to anyoneMary ODonnellClontarf
Mary ODonnell
Mary ODonnell
15:48 27 Oct 20
From working closely with the guys in Painting in Colour across numerous projects withd Rob and the guys as their work is of the best quality and they offer a top class service. Highly Recommended !!
Stephen Mooney
Stephen Mooney
11:09 03 Oct 20
Great team, felt completely secure leaving my house to them and a great job done.
Brian Marrinan
Brian Marrinan
21:54 01 Oct 20
Robert and his team are professional painters. They painted my entire 4-bed house, perfect finish and a quality job. Trustworthy, a man of his word, arrived on time, finished on time which was vital for other work that was due to start after the painting finished. I highly recommend Robert and his crew - quality is in the finishing touches - a perfect paint job.(Pat Sage - Terenure).
Patrick Sage
Patrick Sage
13:06 21 Sep 20
Robert and his team painted my hall stairs and landing plus all the woodwork and did a fantastic job great attention to detail .I would Highly recommend them to anyone .Thanks Again lads.👍
John Mcevoy
John Mcevoy
11:59 07 Sep 20
Robert and his team painted my hall stairs and landing plus all the woodwork and did a fantastic job with great attention to detail . I would Highly recommend them👍
John M
John M
11:48 07 Sep 20
Great work carried out without any fuss. The lads painting were always laughing and joking, happy in their work and the end result showed this. Great attention to detail. I would highly recommend them for any job👍👍
Paschal Walsh
Paschal Walsh
11:04 18 Jul 19
Robert and his team did an excellent paint job on my family home. They provided an efficient and professional service i.e. smooth plastering where needed, neat finishing, tidy, organised, punctual and they cleaned up after the work very well. High quality work.
Carraig Rushe
Carraig Rushe
07:49 03 May 17

Why Choose Painting in Colour?

When you want to paint or decorate any space or environment, whether inside or outside your home or any other furniture, you want an impeccable, quality job with a professional finish. Hiring our painting in color services will allow you to enjoy creative, competent and 100% reliable painting.

There are multiple characteristics and qualities that distinguish us from the rest of the competition companies that offer the same painting services, these are:

There are many satisfied clients who have hired our services and have had the most pleasant experience of their lives when they saw the results. Hiring a professional service and being completely satisfied at the end of the job is often difficult to achieve. Fortunately, by hiring our services, you will be able to enjoy quality work and without a doubt you will be completely satisfied.

Our work team strives continuously and works in an organized manner in order to meet the conditions set by its clients in the previously contracted time.

There have been many projects in the area of ​​painting that we have executed with the help of specialized and certified professionals. That is why every day the preference for our services has increased, thanks to the delivery capacity of our work team and the wonderful results that we have been able to generate in the projects carried out.

Within the painting area and the services closely linked to it, we are the pioneers in the market thanks to the years of experience we have executing quality projects and under the guidance of a team of specialized professionals.

We provide painting services in Dublin. However, we are open to listening to your proposals and being able to establish an agreement that benefits both parties. Our purpose is to meet the requirements and demands of our clients as long as it´s within the reach of our team of professionals.

You can find numerous companies that offer painting services with prices of all kinds, from low prices to high prices. One of the most important things to consider is the quality of the service with respect to the cost of it. In general, a very cheap price maybe can represent a risk since the company most likely does not use quality materials or qualified personnel.

At painting in colour we analyze the budgets of the best of our competition in order to provide affordable fees but always guaranteeing quality materials and specialized labor. Feel free to request a quote with us and we will gladly offer you the best alternative.

When it comes to selecting the painting for your house, it´s necessary to pay attention to important details that allow you to select the right colors and combinations. Imagine adding to all the walls of your house a color that is not to your liking or that does not combine as you thought and it results in chaos? A total disappointment.

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