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Painting in Colour is one of Dublin’s Leading Paint Manufacturing and renovating companies with an ultimate goal to make living spaces into a beautiful hospitable environment.

To get a quote, you may go ahead and visit our quick quote page. It’s totally free as we don’t charge for this service.

We do Wallpapering as one of our signature services. You can check the wallpapering service details here. For other services, please visit this link.

Yes, we do and our exterior painting service is popular in the town. You can check the exterior painting service details here
Yes, we do paint jobs for all sorts of commercial buildings, apartments, mega infrastructures, etc.
We mostly use Fleetwood and Johnstone’s paint. These two brands are the top-grade products in the local market. But, it’s up to you what brand you want to go with.
Oil-based paint is not recommended as it contains toxic substances and takes a long time to dry. We mostly work with water-based paint. It dries quickly and the color doesn’t fade away like the oil-based paints.
The best is to leave windows for at least one week for the paints to dry.
Of course. Ask us and we will provide from the lot of references we have. Check our testimonial page.

Don’t worry if you don’t like the color you have picked. We always bring more than enough samples and put them in several places in your building. You can then choose whatever you like.

It can be fixed. But if the base was not done properly, it can come peeling anytime soon and we cannot guarantee it will not happen again.

You don’t have to worry about any preparation as we will come prepared. Most probably, you have to keep your border gates open, leave space in the parking lot, and remove pets & children from the work area.

We suggest repainting the house every 3-4 years and a maximum of 2 years for trending cultures.

Depends on the job. Once you get your quote, we will inspect your house and will schedule the estimated time for the job completion.

It also depends on how big the project is. The more the area of work, the more painters will move.

Painting is one of those things that you don’t think about until it’s too late. Paint workmanship warranties are usually 2-3 years long and may or may not include materials and supplies.

For painting and decorating advice, you may go ahead and contact us here. 

We work diligently from 8 am till 4 pm local time. We are punctual in time management.

Check our timing on google maps. 

You don’t have to trouble yourself. We come prepared for the job. We fix the cracks, cover the holes, sand the walls, and woodworks for a nice & smooth finish.

It would be best for us to cover everything with plastic sheets and start the job. But it’s absolutely fine if you stay at home. We can find a way to work around you.

We always buy samples and put them on several places in room. 

No need to do that. We fix walls as it’s a part of preps. Even if the damage is bigger, we will sort it out too.

You can choose to bring them to the recycling center Yourself. Also, we do that after we finish the job as per our service policy. We always take away the rubbish after we finish the job.

For decking we use decking oil. It lasts for a long time. But the decking must be very clean and dry before using the decking oil. Also, we can fix the patio and retrieve its original condition.

You can get a free quotation by filling out the quick quote form at this link

Under normal circumstances, you will know when it’s time to paint your house if you see any cracking or gap in the walls, fading paints, loose & cracked caulks, peeling from the pasters, and damps with fungus. Except for these, you should paint the house around 3-4 years cycle.

Every house is different and we don’t mention the prices between customers ahead. For example, the exterior could have different plasters and other things that elevate the cost. If we were to put a rough estimate, it’s not going to fit and we don’t like people to see that.

No. The Painting in Color Team will supply everything including all tools and paints for the job.

We usually contact the client within 24 hours but it’s always the same or the next day.


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You are at the right place! We offer all kinds of painting and decorating services in Dublin and we respond to every call in the shortest time. Our expertise led us to where we stand now. Our painters work with their trained hands to create delicate designs on your properties and make them look beautiful. We guarantee that our team is the best painters in Dublin. We own a clean work record with ZERO slipup. We are here to listen to you. You can contact us by the given number. Also, we are free to chat with you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you want the perfect job with the perfect painters, HIRE US. We are the best painters in Dublin.

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We are ready to sit down with our clients, listen to their proposals and offer them the different possible alternatives to carry out their dream project. Feel free to make an appointment with us or contact us through the different resources we offer to get in direct contact with you. Our consultations are free, our goal is to know your needs and be able to provide you with the best quote while guaranteeing you a brilliant project executed to perfection.

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Contact Home Page
We guarantee 100% privacy. Your info will not be shared.

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