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Painting In Colour has been undertaking the wallpapering services Dublin and providing the best results with smooth finishes. We are proud to have so many satisfied customers over recent years.

Wallpapering Does A Great Job

Wallpapering is the most flexible method of adding brilliant colours to your house. It can change the setting of your living space dramatically and sets the mode in your home instantly.

But wait, it’s not an easy job. A neat wallpaper hanging service comes with a lot of trouble. The colour needs to match your taste, and you need to hang them perfectly and only use the required amount per living square. Usually, there are many calculations and stuff before you get to enjoy the finishing look of your house.


The good news is that Painting In Colour, a professional painter decorator service, provides one-of-a-kind wallpapering services in the vicinity of Dublin. We are a team of professional painters and we offer highly trained and delicate hands for painting services. Let us hang beautiful wallcoverings inside your living space, dining square, and kitchen and make the whole place lovely & captivating.
While wallpapers can be hung anywhere, they can replace the need for paint if things are good enough. But the challenge is to hang them right, which is within our expertise. Painting In Colour will do all chores and perform the best wallpapering services in Dublin. We are ready!

Delicate Wallpapering Services In Dublin

Wallpapering can boost the appeal of your living space with dazzling shades and graphics. We provide wallpapering services all across Dublin. Let us take care of your home, office, hallways, floors, and all notable surfaces under our wallpapering service. It may not look like a tough job but trust us.


While we like to call ourselves expert painters in Dublin, we are also specialists when it comes to luxury wallpaper hanging jobs. Our team will put a decent amount of time behind each frame so that there can not be even a tiny bump in the wallpaper. Delicate hands mean quality finish, and we are proud to have such a splendour.

Wallpapering is a messy and time-consuming process. It can be hard to find suitable wallpapers for your home. Painting in Colour offers you a professional wallpaper installation service to help you save time and money. Our experts will work with you to create an interior design plan, install your chosen wallpaper, and clean up afterwards.

The Right Wallpapers Fit Perfectly

We take wallpapering services as a challenge. Each job requires choosing a suitable pattern for your walls and successfully performing the wallpaper hanging task. Sometimes you can’t decide which design goes where and call it a day. But we got expert commercial painters and contractors with extensive experience in the ins & outs of colour patterns that will suit you best.

When the patterns are a match, we no longer take a single second off to fit the right wallpapers perfectly in your home or office. The most challenging part of this job is to align the wallpaper with your perception of the house. Trust us; we got this well & easy.

Kitchen & Toilets

Both your kitchen and toilets are places visited so often. Smaller spaces shine more when covered in beautiful wallpapers. We can put attractive shades behind the cabinets to look gorgeous inside your kitchen. On the other hand, your toilet will turn into a natural spa under the cover of elegant wallpapers.

Bedroom & Dining

Painting In Colour believes that your bedroom & dining should have the best impression inside your house. Fine wallpaper on the accent wall improves your living space and lets you enjoy a charming environment. We can make that happen with our expert hands. We will decorate your walls in the living rooms & dining with the most eye-catching wallpapers: nothing but peace in your home.

Quality Materials Guarantee

Wallpapering is a tough job that needs a high amount of concentration to achieve the best finishes. Materials are equally important too. Poor wallpaper scrolls mean a sloppy job. The texture can easily peel off, or the surface dye fades quickly.

We don’t mistake choosing budget wallpapers for the wallpapering services in Dublin. We usually train our expert painters with paints from Fleetwood and Johnstone in Dublin. They got the best painting materials & colours for painting jobs.

That’s why our trained eyes can differentiate between the cheap & the best wallpapers for the wallpapering services. We pick quality materials that won’t deteriorate in years and will glow with the shades of your house. Elegant & tasteful tones indeed.

Affordable Prices In Dublin

Painting In Colour offers the most affordable & budget-friendly wallpapering services in Dublin. We are experts who come from aesthetic senses and like to dedicate our efforts to making your living space brimming with life energy. We are successful in keeping our customers happy. We don’t charge high but only the minimum within the town of Dublin.

We believe in building trust with its customers. We offer high-quality services at affordable prices – making it possible for everyone to have beautiful interiors without breaking their budgets! We don’t extort money, and we only receive what we offer. There are no hidden charges, and you can demand the entire project cost in detail anytime. Trust is what fuels our company.

Here is a wallpapering process flow of how we carry the work:

  • Remove the existing wallpaper with minimum disruption by not damaging the wall surface ( we offer expert wallpaper removal services)
  • Prep your walls with different types of primers, sealing agents, and glues
  • Cut the wallpaper to the perfect sizes
  • Mark a plumb line and hang the first piece of paper
  • Smooth out the surface of the wallpaper
  • Trim the excess material around outlets and light fixtures
  • And repeat along the wall

We work with a minute detailing to ensure top quality finishes. We work in a systematic flow while tightly maintaining the schedule. There’s no room for error as we are a well-trained team with skilled painters in Dublin.


This is the proof of our work so far. Painting In Colour has been serving top-grade wallpapering services in Dublin. Almost everyone knows us and holds a positive attitude towards the company. The trust we build with our hardworking enthusiasm is displayed in this gallery. These great wallpapers just mesmerised our customers completely. We were able to fulfil all demands and kept our promises. We live from your love for us.

Prep Works

Wallpapering is a great way to add style and personality to any room, but it can be hard to know where to start. Five main steps go into preparing your walls for wallpaper installation.

  1. Before we start, we will cover everything besides the walls in plastic wraps to prevent any dirt from falling on them. This is also necessary to deter glues from sticking to unwanted places.
  2. The first step in preparing your walls for wallpaper is cleaning them thoroughly with soap and water or a non-toxic cleaner explicitly designed for this purpose. This will remove dirt, dust, grease, waxes, and other contaminants from the surface of your drywall or wood panelling after removing the old wallpaper.
  3. We will move all the furniture that may obstacle our workflow. Please remain assured that we will also cover the furniture in plastic.
  4. Next comes priming/sealing, which protects against stains caused by liquids like coffee or juice and protects against mould growth on damp surfaces such as bathrooms or kitchens.
  5. After that, we will clean every surface again to make sure no stain is left behind. When the glues on the wallpapers dry well, we will also call it a day.

That’s all for a smooth job finish. Now you can enjoy staring at your walls with refreshing wallpapers hanging around perfectly. It’s just so calming that you might want to brag about it to a friend on the go. That’s the promising result we at Painting In Colour offer as a professional wallpaper hanger service company.

Safety Measures

Wallpapering is a job that requires precision and care. That’s why we take safety measures to prevent unnecessary events. We have a well-equipped team with safety gears, masks & filters for the painters, proper compensation for unexpected situations, OSHA complaints, a highly-trained supervisor to take care of the team, and adequately stored tools & materials.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent interior painting service without worrying about safety or quality.


Even though we at Painting In Colour have a high standard for safety measures, our clients must maintain some precautions. Remember, precaution is the best prevention of unwanted accidents.

  1. Turn off gas and heaters in the area of work.
  2. Don’t let pets & kids run in the prep room.
  3. Remove any electrical appliances that may disturb our working progress.
  4. Don’t put your hands in the glue bucket. We will wash the glues on the wall but not on you.
  5. Don’t take the lead in peeling the wallpapers yourself. After all, we will remove old ones and give the walls a clean wash before hanging the new wallpapers.

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Wallpapering is generally more expensive than painting, but this varies depending on the size and type of paint job. In general, wallpapering usually requires a greater amount of preparation work such as removing old wallpaper and priming the walls before painting. Furthermore, demolition may be necessary for certain types of wallpapers that are not appropriate for outdoor use.

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on a variety of factors, including the size and complexity of the project, the type of wallpaper or paint being used, and any additional adjustments that may need to be made (such as vents). However, in general, re-wallpapering tends to cost more than painting due to the extra labor involved.

While wallpaper may look good in a room, there are several disadvantages that should be taken into consideration. According to the National Home & Decorating Show Report 2018, wallpaper is one of the most popular interior design crimes because it’s often outdated and out of date before it even makes it into a customer’s home. This means that it can contain harmful chemicals, lead based paint, or other toxic elements that can cause major health concerns. Additionally, when wallpaper is installed improperly (e.g., warped or folded), water seeps through the adhesive and enters the walls behind it where mold starts to grow exponentially.
Another disadvantage of wallpaper is its high price tag relative to other types of flooring such as wood or tile.

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends on the type of wallpaper and how well it seals in heat. However, generally speaking, most wallpaper does not make a room warmer. In fact, some wallpaper can actually cause rooms to become colder because of its absorbent properties.

Wallpaper can have a major impact on the look of your room, and depending on the colour, you might be able to make it look bigger. For example, blue walls tend to make a room feel smaller because it tends to suppress light. On the other hand, green wallpaper can provide a sense of openness and brightness that can help increase space in a small room.
Ultimately what matters most is how you want your bedroom or livingroom to feel. So if you’re not sure which colour would work best for your personality or home décor, take some time to walk around in different rooms and see which one makes you feel comfortable and inspired. Plus remember: personal style always comes back into fashion!

This is a difficult question to answer as it largely depends on your personal preferences and the characteristics of the room you are wanting to wallpaper. Some potential Factors that you may want to consider include: how much money you want to spend, how long the wallpaper will last, whether or not painting is required in conjunction with wallpapering, ease of application/removal, and style.
Ultimately, if you’re happy with the finished product then there isn’t really any reason why shouldn’t go ahead and do it! Just be sure to take into account all of your factors before making a final decision.

Wallpaper is a great way to add personality and style to any room. While there are many different types of wallpaper that can work well in a small space, some of the most popular choices include patterned wallpaper, abstract prints, and stripes.
When choosing wallpaper for your small room, be sure to consider the color palette and type of furniture that will be in the room. Some colors may not look as good on walls when paired with certain pieces of furniture or materials. Additionally, keep in mind how often you plan on using the wall locker – if it’s going to get frequently dusted or fingerprinted, then opting for something more matte might be better suited

There are a few things that you can do to make your living room look bigger and brighter. One option is to add new furniture. You could try out some comfortable seating options like sofas or armchairs, or opt for something more decorative like a coffee table. Another strategy is to use light fixtures and accessories to create an airy feel. Try installing chandeliers oranging lights, mirrored lamps, or sconces in strategic spots. And lastly, introduce some finishing touches such as rugs, area carpets, and artwork on the walls. By taking these simple steps, you can transform your living room into an inviting space that will put everyone at ease!

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