Why Eggshell Paint Is Best for Your Interior Design?


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When talking about eggshell paint, many think of it as a kind of emulsion material while it’s not. It’s actually a paint sheen that looks a little lighter than matte colour.

While most paints are either flat or too glossy, the eggshell paint falls in between the two. It’s at a level where the colour reflects less light but doesn’t look totally flat.

If we are talking about your interior, eggshell paint might beat everything you images so far. As for the reason behind our solid constitution, let’s find out further in the article.

What Is Eggshell Paint? Why Is It Worth It?

The exact definition of the eggshell is actually the name it carries. The colour looks very similar to the outer shell of an egg. The colour looks like a slight soft velvet texture with tiny grains.

Compared to flat paints, eggshell has a lighter soft gloss on the surface. It looks lighter than matte and reflects a bare minimum light off the wall. Even the light reflection is blurred just like a real eggshell.

Eggshell paints look beautiful on the interior walls of your kitchen, bedroom, drawing room, etc. Although satin paints have a greater sheen over these places, the eggshell coat looks more elegant and gives off the vibe of majesty.

The eggshell coating is worth very much. It’s not your regular flat finish where all things look plain and dull. But, it’s a soft and mushy finish that brings out the real charm of your house.

There’s no saying without the benefits. So, let’s know what the eggshell is best for-

Hides Flaws On The Walls

If the emulsion is more glossy, it will only point out the flaws on the walls, revealing more embarrassing marks than the news reporters. Only a deep shade of colour can conceal the flaws perfectly. Fortunately, egg shells coating falls in the latter category.

It can hide all the bumps and pits on your walls perfectly so that no one can catch them without looking too close. This way your walls shine for a longer time.

Easy Painting With Eggshell Paints

Overlapping is a common problem that happens during painting. The basics of painting require at least two coats of emulsion on the surface or even more based on the situation. Usually, the overlapping layers are ignorable most of the time. But for glossy emulsion, not so much.

The higher the paint gloss, the more flaws come to light. Mostly because the overlapping layers show clearly and it looks like a mess. But with egg shell coat, the whole embarrassing situation never occurs.

Because this coating has the characteristics of flat paint, the underlying layers of coating easily blend together. This leaves no partial marks on the surface. As a result, you can take breaks during the painting as well as leave it to dry a bit before applying a new coat.

Easy To Clean

Talking about the stains on your walls on the interior design, some paints quickly catch dirt and other stains that won’t come off. Matte colour absorbs more stain than any other.

The good thing is, it is glossy enough to prevent the walls from catching spots. This can easily brush off the dirt and doesn’t soak liquids so much. Also, it is effective against burnishing as it hides faded parts with a light sheen.

Durability Of Paint

Although eggshell paint is less durable than satin, it’s tougher than flat or matte paints. Generally, the glossier the coating, the more durability it possesses. But still, eggshell paint can last longer than you imagined through the years of wear and tear.

Difference Between Close Relatives Of Eggshell Paint

Because of how identical they are, people often get confused by the Satin and Eggshell paints. As it is hard to tell, let’s find out how to tell them apart with naked eyes.

Difference In Sheen

While eggshell paint has a higher sheen than matte, it’s actually less than satin. The difference is only a slight that is barely noticeable without placing them side by side. Only then satin colour appears more glossy than egg shell.

In order to measure the sheen level between the two paints, we could use the PVC standards which stands for Pigment Volume Concentration. The value is inversely proportional to the sheen of the paint. A lower value means more gloss.

Based on these facts, both paints have a small difference in sheen level. The value for satin goes between 30-35% while it goes about 35-40%. No reason people get it hard differentiating them.

Difference In Cost

One of the core reasons that differ the cost of dye is the sheen. Glossier paints always cost more. That’s why it’s normal for satin to have a higher price than this type of dye.

Also, glossier paints contain more solid binders than flat paints. You can pick two different cans of emulsion to understand their weights. But the price difference between satin and egg shell paints is only up to 10%. Still, it saves a lot with this type of paint.

Use Eggshell Paint For Your Interior Design

As we have seen so far, eggshell paint has a higher acceptance in the home interior than others. These days, expert painters tend to pick this for most home painting projects. Note that this type of colour needs expert hands to preserve its durability for a longer time.

Still, it looks awesome when applied to-

  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Drawing rooms

The emulsion suits almost every area of your interior. As it has a low lustre, it can easily attract your guests into looking at the walls, touch the colour, and praise how beautiful it looks.

But keep in mind that, this is a bit fragile against hard bruises or messy areas. That’s why it’s best to not apply this coat in your kitchen and bathroom. Also, it’s not recommended to use this emulsion in higher traffic areas on your home or building.

Not only that but you can also use it on your exterior. Is it okay? Yes, absolutely. Because of the nature of this dye, it can easily drive off dust particles, moss, and bad weather. This dye is washable which makes it easier for cleaning without damaging the coat.

That’s all you need to know about egg shell paints. Whenever trying to colour your home, this is enough to set your mood inside your home interior, it best suits the walls where the sun goes high all day.


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