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If you know it’s time to get your exterior walls painted there are many important factors, you should first consider. Painting your exterior walls is not as easy as simply choosing a colour and quickly jumping in with a paintbrush – you need to carefully consider the type of paint, the quality, as well as the aesthetics.
This guide will take you through all the most important aspects of exterior house painting, and who knows, you might even choose to get a professional for this hefty undertaking.

Why Exterior House Painting?

Maybe you want to spruce up your home with a coat of outside house paint to add to the curb appeal. A good quality paint on your exterior wall also adds an extra layer of protection against natural elements like the harsh weather that Dublin is so known for. These elements, be it sun or rain, could potentially damage the concrete, and bricks, and even creep into your house and cause further damage.
Getting your exterior walls painted can save you from further expenses later on. Remember, housing repairs can become a costly affair if you neglect the upkeep.
Home exterior paint projects involve more than just getting a fresh, new look to your casa. It’s about protecting the future, your health, and your lifestyle. Keeping your exterior paint fresh will also keep your house value intact.
One of the most important factors to remember is that repainting your exterior walls gives you and the painter a chance to see any further repairs which might need attention. Being able to witness problems that might be bigger than your paint problems can be extremely helpful in the upkeep of your property.

Exterior House Painting

When Should You Schedule Exterior House Painting?

Waiting for your exterior paint to start flaking off is not really the ideal telltale sign when it’s time to paint. If your paint is starting to come off, you should have already contacted a painting company. However, you have to be sure to get your house painted at the correct time of the year. This ensures the best possible results and the quickest drying time. Early summer and early fall usually offer the warmest weather conditions with minimal rain and minimal fluctuations in temperature throughout the day.

In Ireland, many painters still paint during spring as the temperature will then average between 8° and 10° degrees, which is still a good temperature for painting, all things considered. During July and August Ireland can still reach up to 18° but during the summer temperature might not be stable enough from day to night which could cause fast drying times that result in poor adhesion.

A professional painting company, such as Painting in Colour, will advise you that painting should be done during the times when the day and night-time temperatures stay relatively consistent. For the best advice on whether you need your exterior house painting done, contact a reputable painting company in Ireland to advise you.

What Paint Colour Should You Use for Exterior Walls?

It’s entirely up to you as the house owner to decide on the colour you want. Although there are hundreds of different shades of each colour to choose from, some might not be a great idea on your external wall for a variety of reasons.
At the end of the day, it’s also not just about choosing exterior house painting colours but choosing a combination of colours to compliment the house as a whole.

Natural tones such as white, brown, and grey are often the most popular because they seamlessly fit in with other houses, gardens and surroundings.
Choosing up to three different paint colours that fit together well will be enough to get an exterior paint look that is professional and fits in with your surroundings without looking dull. These three different colours will be used for different parts of the house and include the main colour, trims, and accents.

Depending on your surroundings you might be looking at different tones. Reputable painting companies, like Painting in Colour Dublin, can provide you with catalogues of some of the most popular colours that fit together in different types of settings. Exterior house paint colours play an important part in the overall look and feel of your home. Thus, choosing the right paint colour is extremely important.

How to Hire an Expert Painter

Usually, homeowners prefer to get a few different quotes for the sake of budget. However, this approach might not guarantee the best workmanship and quality paint job . Exterior house painting cost is an investment, and it is important to get it done properly from the start. When you undertake an outside house paint project, there is little point in penny smart and pound foolish – it’s all about reliability and reputable services.

Choosing a company with a good reputation and a focus on supplying good quality work is as important as the overall budget. If you are looking for a reputable, professional painter in the Dublin area, reach out to us today for a free quote. Our team will guarantee the utmost quality on your exterior surface.

What Should You Consider Before Hiring

Before hiring a painter for exterior house painting in Dublin, you should consider both the cost and quality of workmanship. A qualified painter can check the quality of your current paint, and give you a great indication of whether the painter has a good demeanour towards quality work or just wants to make a quick buck. Painting in Colour strives to deliver the best quality work while staying within the minimum price bracket.

Why Should You Consider Painting in Colour?

Painting in Colour has over 10 years of experience in decorating houses in Dublin while providing commercial painting, colouring, and clean painting services with a friendly smile and reliable workmanship. Contact Painting in colour for assistance with your next exterior house painting project.


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