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With the beginning of a fresh new year, the painting colour trends of 2022 are more than just a prediction. They represent the collective trend of our time, and how it is changing with the rise of technology. A study based on the colour preferences by painters Dublin had an interesting finding: These days, people are preferring tone that are not only brighter but also more vivid. This hints at how digital effects can transform not just what we see on screen, but also how we see things around us. As new technologies become more immersive, our senses become more stimulated. Our eye has evolved to detect brightness among other cues for survival – so it’s no wonder that this sense is now being developed to make us feel sometimes inspired, motivated, depressed, joyful, and lots of emotions. In this article, we are going to focus on the trendy colours of 2022 that have been a good change in our daily mood and motion.

Paint Colour trends 2022 – Which colour will influence

Colour-Trends The study found that there is a clear trend for people to prefer vivid colours (rather than the traditional blue or green). This may be because a brighter and more varied tone can make us feel more visually stimulated. In this article, we will focus on the trends of 2022, how painters Dublin assess them, and the new world. In our everyday life, we are surrounded by many different sheds. Studies have shown that each tone has a different influence on the mood and even the motion of a person. Twelve of these tones were researched in-depth to find out which ones would be most influential in 2022. The twelve most popular include:
  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Purple
  6. Brown
  7. Pink
  8. Blue
  9. Gray
  10. Black
  11. White
But these are quite a straight shed that makes more variants by mixing elements together. In 2022, the mixed shed would become a norm for most people also making it a trend.

Why do people like these colours?

It’s no secret that people like to live in beautiful spaces. We want our homes, offices, and public spaces to be visually stimulating. Luckily for us, painters in Dublin are always coming up with new ways to make our environment pleasing. One of the most recent developments in design is the use of brighter and more vibrant. This has been a result of new technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), as well as the development of artificial intelligence (AI). These three things have opened up many doors for designers and artists alike. As the technologies allow users to see images, videos, or animations that were not possible before, they have given designers a whole new palette that they can experiment with and create an immersive experience for their audience. One way we can see this happening is on social media. Brands like Facebook and Instagram have made it easier than ever to change your profile picture on social media with various filters and effects – one of which includes changing the colour scheme! For example, Facebook recently introduced a feature called “Live Colour Effects” where you can apply shed-changing filters to your profile picture while broadcasting live video for friends and followers to see – all without leaving the app. No wonder the painting colour trends are going full force from the beginning of the new year. Technology is also one of the core reasons why our sense has shifted in a new direction. Also, overcoming the pandemic took a heavy blow on people’s psychology that’s still in a recovery mood. So, it’s possible that we have been looking for these colours to soothe our souls.

Calming chalky greens:

One of the most popular colours of 2022 is a neutral, calming chalky green. This is very versatile and can be used for both interiors and fashion and painters Dublin recommends it for bungalows, mansions, and office decor. The truth is that there are many shades available nowadays, which means you can find something different for any mood or occasion. If you want to buy something in this colour, just visit your nearest store today!

Welcoming bright skies inside

Bigger isn’t always better. But with the wide range of sheds now available, you can make your small area feel brighter and more open by choosing a bold hue. If you’re living in an apartment or small house, the tones of the walls can alter how spacious it feels. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your space, try painting one wall in a contrasting colour that’s bright but not too saturated. This will give your home some extra light that will also create an interesting focal point for your room. Painters Dublin recommends using complementary blue colours for this project because they offer the most contrast without being too jarring on the eyes.

Colour drenching

Colour-Trends The colour-drenching trend is a new way for designers to create an exciting experience for people who wants a new mode in their home. It’s a trend that will have even more impact in the future as we see more people adopt digital lifestyles. The drenching technique works by painting multiple surfaces inside the same room with a single colour. It’s one of the painting trends that brings up the charms of the space by applying a vintage look with an urban style. Looks amazing on the wooden surface, kitchen doors, cabinets, and drawing room decor.

Gorgeous tones of forest green

Forest Green will be a popular colour of the year 2022 as it is a fresh and modern tone of green that’s been getting on the top list very soon. It can look like a light khaki and sometimes even olive green. Forest green is a more earthy and natural choice for those who want something that’s not too bright or loud. And it offers more of a calming effect than others. At first glance, forest green may seem like just another shade on the spectrum of grayscale. But it’s different from the navy, teal, and olive as it has hints of yellow and brown in it, which gives it depth and richness. At first glance, forest green may seem like just another shade on the spectrum of grayscale. But it’s different from the navy, teal, and olive as it has hints of yellow and brown in it, which gives it depth and richness. The most popular hue associated with forest green is Pantone 306C (Coated). This deep tone is the perfect hue to complement neutrals like black and white without getting too dark or dull.

Amicable hues of pink:

We’re going to talk about a warm peach-pink hue. It’s a lot like rose gold and has been named by Pantone as the 2019 Colour of the Year. The tone is described as “sunny and confident” and “stimulates our interest”. This kind of pink is associated with positivity, which can’t be bad for anyone’s mood! It’s no surprise that this hue was chosen as the trendiest one of 2019: it’s bright and calming at the same time, giving it a unique feel. Moreover, you’ll find this everywhere – from fashion apparel to home décor, and everything in between. Some other shades that depict this hue are light pink, baby pink, candy pink, dusty rose, rosy red-pink, or salmon-pink.

Soothing shades of sea blue

While we can’t predict what the new year will bring, we know one thing for sure: there will be a new set of trends. One such trend is ‘sea blue.’ This shade is a soothing and calming shade that has become popular in recent years. It’s been said to evoke feelings of relaxation and calmness, and it’s no wonder why. Colour-Trends Blue (both light and dark) has been found to be one of the most relaxing that people like to see on their screens. Sea blue is a specific shade of blue which was especially popularized by the ocean trend of 2018. It’s also attractive because it fills the space with enough energy without overwhelming or depressing us. With this trend, you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed and content with your surroundings.

Cocooning with saturated colour

Research has shown that we spend more time in our homes, and this is probably because we feel safe and cocooned. The colour trend of 2022 reflects this sentiment: people are seeking comfort in saturated. These colours represent a warm and comfortable environment where you can relax and recharge. A recent study found that people were three times more likely to buy something when it was presented in a warm palette versus a cool one. This makes sense considering how much time we spend at home. We want our spaces to be welcoming and inviting, so we use (both inside and outside) should reflect these feelings.

Uplifting shades of optimism

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the colour trend of 2022 is the ‘upbeat’ shades. These sheds are infused with optimism, hope, and joyfulness. They are warm and inviting, which is why they can be found in many homes around the world. A typical example of these upbeat shades is the shade of turquoise. Turquoise is an eye-catching blue-green hue that’s often associated with summer or getting away from it all. It has a calming effect on people, which is why it’s often used in bedrooms and bathrooms. Turquoise represents tranquillity for many people, which has become a trend for homeowners who want their homes to feel inviting and relaxing. Turquoise has been seen as a symbol of natural balance; it’s no wonder it appeals to those who want to calm themselves down. Another favourite uplifting shade is cornflower blue – this can be seen in popular brands like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Hugo & Joie clothing lines. It’s made up of tones of cyan and purple, which makes it unique compared to other blues out there.

Going for full gloss finishes

The full gloss finish has a glass-like sheen on the wall that’s been the talk of the town for its unique appeal in Nobility households, Bungalows, or Classic/Vintage Homes. High gloss paints became one of the new painting trends in 2022 that’s been followed by our expert painters Dublin. Full gloss finishes can bring aesthetic taste to the home or office with a mirror-like instance that’s soothing for your mind. It’s a great choice in case you are looking for fresh decor with lots of sparkles. Though it’s difficult to keep it always clean in busy places, it’s easier to blow the dust off those walls in a moment.

Painted ceilings

Every time you look at your ceilings, you can’t think of a colour apart from white for this part of your house. Well, it’s another painting colour trend of 2022 that begins with painting the ceiling with a different tone (matching the walls) and ends with design papers stuck to the ceiling. Painter Dublin prefers to paint a lighter colour on the ceiling than the walls for simplicity and enhancing the classy look of your house. A deep or similar colour on the ceiling may present strong enthusiasm coupled with steel-like fortitude and condense. You can make your space more joyful by putting a new tone on top of your head for aesthetics.

Comforting colour trends

True fact, after spending 2 full years in fear and lockdown, people are stressed more than anywhere except inside their own home. That’s the reason more people are looking for comforting tones to lighten up their indoor and pick up their mode. It’s a new year with a brand new trend of comforting combinations for all the houses in Dublin. The first that holds the most power to reduce your stress is classic blue. Blue has calming energy by nature as the ocean and the sky are blue. Blue helps eliminate shades of anxiety and stress over your shoulders and helps you give yourself away inside your house. Both violet and pink can bring a playful atmosphere inside your room and let you loose a bit. Deep shades of these two are not so calming at all but a soft-light shade has the power to stimulate your feelings. Green and ultimate grey are more comforting for houses in the middle of lush green scenery. City homes can’t bring the charm of these tones due to closed space but an open area is perfect for making these tones take away your anxiety. Painters Dublin also suggests mixed of green, pink, grey, violet, and yellow to paint your house with something new and overwhelming to look at. Natural mixed colours often provide strong emotions to soothe your senses by providing comfort.

Restorative new neutrals

The 2022 painting trend adds restorative new neutral spectrums to the arsenal. The has been an upsurge of milky honey shades going haywire among the town folks to enjoy a calming scene of their home. A mix of grey with the warm “Apple Cider” tone proved to be more impactful in washing away your worries and soothing your nerves. These are perfect to brighten up your living space in a warm and comfortable home. Besides, you can also go for a “Mushroom” tone or “Tomb Stone” as per our expert Painters Dublin.

Delicious Olive green

Transforming your bedroom with a splash of Olive Green shade is the new trend of 2022. This is so soothing as it creates a tranquil atmosphere inside that shakes you up for a jolly mode. Olive Green is said to be lively, as natural as it looks, that can bring the feeling of peace inside your bedroom. This has a unique ability to make the room appear bigger and spacier than it is. It’s totally going to lift up your mode.

Warming reds tones

Reds are always inspiring and invoke stronger emotions. Unlike before, red is not the monopoly of noble houses and bungalows of prestige houses. Nowadays, lots of urban and city homes are painted in tones of red as it’s a warming shed with deep emotions. style=”font-weight: 400;”>Painters Dublin found out that red can fuel your spirit with a blast of energy that drives away stress and anxiety. Red also be the new colour trend for your interior. Plain red has the strongest appeal that not every house can tolerate. A few mixes of grey tone can bring a wound red colour tone that blends well in your house and creates a sense of confidence. There are more than 13 shades of warming red that are suitable for your living space. Try the one that you like the most.

What’s the new colour you are looking for?

Although we have listed all the popular painting colour trends in 2022, it’s not ending with our current list. As the door towards possibilities extends beyond the horizon, we are about to see and experience new marvels around our vicinity. So, have you got the trends you were looking for? The new year has just started so you have a long way to go, make sure to pick yourself a colour from Us, Dublin. We are free to discuss your thoughts


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